Spread in a campus of over thirty-six acres of forest-land, pasture-land, vegetable garden and orchards, the school mainly consists of the Senior School and the Junior School.

The main building of the Senior School, built in 1895, consists of the Principal’s Office, Main Office and Reception, Accounts Office, Maintenance Office, Classrooms, a well equipped Computer Department, Study Hall, Staff Room, Old Chapel, Kitchen, Dining Rooms for both Senior and Junior School, Senior Dormitories, Infirmary, etc. A Chapel cum Auditorium and well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology form part of a new building inaugurated in 1981. The school library and the Principal’s Residence provide an imposing view of the Main Building of the Senior School.

The Junior School Building, built in 1925, consists of Classrooms, Junior School Computer Department, Dormitories, the Junior School Co-ordinators Office, etc.

The school has a large playing field with a stadium, basketball courts, and other open areas used for recreation. The school also provides residential accommodation to most of its staff members.

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