Admission Procedure in Senior School

    • (a) The College Prospectus and Admission form is available from the College Office in the months of June, July and August for the ensuing year.
    • (b) No system of registration a year or more in advance is in existence in the College.
    • (c) Admission tests are normally held in the month of October / November each year.
    • (d) All applications for admission should be addressed to the Principal so as to reach her before the end of August of the year before which admission is sought. No new admission into Classes X and XII will be permitted
  • A registration fee is payable with the application for admission per student. (Kindly refer Fee Structure). This fee is non-refundable and non-adjustable. The payment of the fee does not guarantee admission into the College, which will depend on there being a vacancy in the class applied for by the parent and the student being found suitable for the class after the administration of an admission test and personal interview with the parents of the student.
  • Should a girl be found fit for the Class in which admission is desired, a provisional offer of a vacancy will be made which must be accepted in writing within 15 days of the offer being made. The acceptance of the offer must be accompanied with the following payments by Bank Draft drawn on the Allahabad Bank, Nainital, or any other Chartered / Scheduled Bank in Nainital, in favour of “Principal, All Saints’ College, Nainital”, and sent directly to Allahabad Bank, Nainital.
    • (a) Admission Fee: (Non-refundable)
    • (b) Security Deposit
    Kindly refer Fee Structure for details. The vacancy will be confirmed only after the receipt of the above payment and of the Original Transfer Certificate from the school last attended by the Girl.
  • No girl will be admitted without the Transfer Certificate obtained from the school last attended. If a student comes from a school other than Uttarakhand State, the Inspector of Schools of that particular State or District Education Officer must countersign the Transfer Certificate. Failure to submit the Original Transfer Certificate result in cancellation of the provisional admission and parent / guardian have to forfeit the amount deposited towards the Admission and Registration. Please ensure that the date of birth on the Transfer Certificate is in coordination with that in the Birth Certificate and Admission form.
  • Admission will be considered on production of the following documents
    • (a) Photocopy of the Birth Registration Certificate from the Municipal Office attested by any of the parents.
    • (b) Health Certificate (as certified in the Prospectus)
    • (c) Latest progress report of the student
    • (d) Original Transfer Certificate
    • (a) A Student’s name and date of birth, as recorded in the Transfer Certificate are official and legal and may not be changed subsequently by the College Authority.
    • (b) Students are required to be present in the College for the full academic year. Vacancies will not be reserved for late comers, neither will leave the granted before the official closing date. No reduction in fees will be made for any period or periods of absence during the year.
    • (c) Should any student, boarder or day scholar, fail to return to College after any vacation within three days of the official date of opening without certified intimation to and written permission of the Principal, her name will be struck off from the College Register and her place may be given to a candidate on the waiting list.

Age Requirements (Classes 6 to 12)

A student should have completed the age criteria given below for each class preferably by the commencement of the academic year.

An admission to Class 11 is considered on the basis of the candidates’ performance at the I.C.S.E or any equivalent examination.

Class 6 Class 7 Class 8 Class 9 Class 10 Class 11 Class 12
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