The Young Round Square Conference was held from the 24th – 26th of April in our School.


There were twelve schools coming from different parts of the country making it a Big Event.


The day commenced with the ice breaking where all the delegates had to gather on the College basketball court to interact with each other.  They were made to play games and participate in different activities to encourage the same.  The inauguration ceremony took place on the 25th morning.  It began with a welcome dance followed by the performances of other schools and a cultural program in the evening.  The District Magistrate Mr. Deepak Rawat was the Honorable Chief Guest.  Next was the ‘Baraza’ Session where we were divided into eight groups and discussed on different topics with our conference theme being ‘Leadership’.  We later visited the Himalayan Botanical Garden and the Cave Garden where we observed different types of plants. Dr. Ajay Rawat enlighten us on various issues of environment.  Overall it was an entirely different experience and we did have our best moments.



The Schools that participated were:-


1.  Bangalore International School, Bangalore 

2.  Daly College, Indore 

3.  Doon School, Dehradun

4.  Emreld Heights, Indore 

5.  Maharani Gayatri Devi School, Jaipur

6.  Punjab Public School, Nabha

7.  Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girl’s Public School, Jodhpur

8.  The Sanskar Valley School, Bhopal

9.  Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior

10.  Vivek High School, Chandigarh

11.  Welham Boy’s School, Mussoorie

12.  Wood Stock School, Mussoorie

13.  All Saints’ College, Nainital

Diya Sethi 

Class VI C


International Conference – Destination Singapore

Our team of members  for the International Round Square Conference were              



Principal Mrs. K.E. Jeremiah, 

Mrs. S. Thulhgaria the Round Square Rep.

Mrs. J.S. Gill

Wanthida Tiwari

Shirali Agarwal

Pari Shah

Noor Dhillon

Pournima Prashant

Shruti Kathuria


We arrived on the 1st of October in Singapore where we were put up at the Hotel Ramada while children joined the parents for a home stay.


Began a day for campus reservations only to step into a fantastic space of activities for the days ahead.  Buses arranged from the Dover Campus of United World College of South East Asia took the adult team to the East Campus for all Arrival Day’s activities.  Adult Rikka: For Heads, Reps and Governors was held that afternoon.  Dinner and saying good night to our girls as they were entrusted to their Host families.  Adults headed for a Debrief. 


On the 3rd of October we found ourselves in the East Campus of the UWCSEA.  The opening Ceremony was an event most memorable to all, as we delegates headed for the acceptance of the Global Member Certification and the Flag of the organization by His Majesty King Constantine and his wife Anne Marie of Greece.  As Proud recipients of the awards we saw a gallery of picturesque dance drama and speech events followed by the installation of our School flag by the student delegate Wanthida Tewari.


A tree plantation Ceremony outside the Main Hall along with the King and Queen, here delegates were prompt enough to give a hand in the planting of a sapling.


The key note Speaker for the day was Tim Jarvis an Adventurer, who shared his leadership traits experienced by him on an expedition to the trial of Sir Earnest Shacklet on to Antarctic.  We brought back autographed books by the writer Tim Jarvis himself.  Thereafter a Conference Photograph, A Luncheon, an Adult Rikka and an AGM.  Regional Meetings: South Asia and the Gulf region.  The students were off to be with the Host families after a dinner served on campus for all.


On the 4th of October we were on Dover Campus where we attended the talk of Key note Speaker Kavita Ramdas, Social Activist who presented her perspective of true Leadership.


‘Act Today Change Tomorrow’ the theme for the adult Rikka was attended by us all.


Moving to East Campus we found ourselves joining barazzas.  Later in the afternoon attending a Rikka for best practice Ideals.  A Governor’s Meeting saw us through with the day.


On the 5th of October:  Assembling in Dover Campus.  A Brief on social media and R S Website. ‘Doing Good Well’ Rikka with the briefing of Discover Singapore Day was given to us.  We were now on with the discovery of Singapore.  Visit to the Asian Civilization Museum, Marina Sands Bay a Mall for a meal walking through ‘The Garden By the Bay’ and supper at ‘1 Altitude’.


On the 6th of October:  At Dover Camus for another wholesome day with joining hands for Service.  The entire delegate Body with the School saw the day through.


On the 7th of October:  Arrival at the East Campus where Key Note Speaker Nidhi Kapur – Social Activist working in Combodia shared with us an astounding life experience She gave descriptions of her leadership had to face and how one can combat it.


With the Closing Ceremony in grandeur and nostalgia, the Conference flagged the End.  A Cultural evening where our students performed a kumaoni dance well applauded by all.  Later in the evening we saw a documentary on the rehabilitation of the bears and their survival in village areas of Combodia.


To the Ramada hotel we did return with a gleem of satisfaction only to find ourselves bidding Good bye to our new found friends of Round Square and Singapore.


Round Square Conference – Jodhpur

The Senior Round Square conference was held at Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls’ Public School, Jodhpur from the 12th – 15th August, 2015.  ‘Democracy’ was the theme of the conference.  Six delegates from All Saint’s College had the proud privilege to be a part of this conference comprising 172 delegates from 21 schools across the country.


The highlights of the event were the interactive and fun – filled icebreaking sessions.  The spectacular opening ceremony, the keynote speeches by Mr. Rishabh Sancheti, advocate, Supreme Court, Mr. Vikas Balia, a chartered accountant, brainstroming barazza sessions, the Mehrangarh Fort; the splendid heritage walk, the magnificient Principal’s dinner and JAM Night.


The invigorating cultural presentation and the formal declaration of the closing of the conference marked the end of yet another beautiful journey.   The conference has given the delegates memories to cherish for a lifetime, and a new prespective to democracy.


Round Square Conference – Dehradun 

A Round Square Leadership Conference was held in Dehradun from 22nd to 25th October 2015

Our Delegates were:


Mrs. S. Solomon

Bipasha Maithal

Jyotsna Singh

Annanya Jhanjhi

Jivika Lalwani


On 22nd we were given a tour of the marvelous 70 acre campus of the Doon School escorted by the members of the school’s Round Square Club.  Later in the evening, as a part of the ice breaking session, we went for an orientation.  A group activity where we had to interpret one of the six ideals of Round Square.  After a twenty minutes brainstorming session each group culminated an understanding of an ideal, thus, leading to an intense question and answer round among groups.


As the sun rose on 23rd, we found ourselves packing our bags to depart for the campsite ‘Mal Devta Farms’ which was about 20 km away from Doon.  As soon as we reached the camp, all delegates were divided into three groups to perform planned activities, ‘like, Burma Bridge and Commando Net.  The first leadership session was about conflicts and values.  The evening lead to the gathering of all groups around a bonfire ablaze for us.  We were given half an hour to prepare and present a play based on the ideal, Leadership.  The day ended with a Night Trek which gave everybody the opportunity to see the Pole Star and the Constellation ‘Cassiopeia’.


Everyone was full of enthusiasm and excitement for the adventurous activities – Rock climbing and Rappelling the next day.  At close quarters we admired Nature’s beauty, by visiting a cave where we saw crystalline stalactites and stalagmites.  These are speleothems formed by water flowing from fractures on the ceiling of the cave.


In the Second leadership session the delegates discussed the person they admire and also justified their admiration with reasons.  Later in the evening we went back to the Doon School campus to watch the play ‘A Walk in the Woods’ which displayed the diplomacy of Naseeruddin Shah and Rajit Kapoor, who meet in Geneva while representing India and Pakistan to ease tension between the two countries by making a proposal.


An early start, the very last day of are stay, as all delegates went for a refreshing morning walk to a nearby village.  The last session a summing up on the highs, lows and the motivating moments of the trip.


The trip served to be of great exposure for all the delegates and gave all of them indelible memories to be cherished.


Bipasha Maithal – IX B