Robinson House – House Report


There are three very significant factors, among others, which relate to the identity of any institution; its organizational culture, it educational philosophy and range of opportunities and roles which it perceives for itself in the environment which it serves.




Robinson House girls, aim to achieve every ideal and opportunity that comes its way.  Inspired by a sense of purpose and achievement, the House won the coveted Marching Shield, after a gap of fourteen years!  Infused with exhilaration we continued our venture in various aspects of the sporting arena.  The House secured Second position in the Athletic Meet and in the Inter House Football Tournament.  Anukriti Kandpal, Arjdeep Kaur, Simran Gill and Milan Sah proved their mettle in Athletics.  Serena J.K. Aulak, Devika Singh, Prisha Bhalla and Aastha Sehta stood out in the Aquatic Meet.


Life battles don’t always go

To the Stronger or the fastest man

But sooner or later to the man who wins

Is the man who thinks he can.


In the Co-curricular activities doman, there were some shining moments.  Aishwarya Rautela stood First in the Sr. Inter House Hindi Debate.  Soumya Singh stood Second in the Inter House Quiz competition, and Ananya Jhanji secured the Third position in the English Elocution.


Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is

A matter of Karma, a matter of choice


The yellows, represented the school in various Inter-School and International events.  Garima Arora and Yasha Bhall were a part of the International Round Square Conference, held in Germany.  Shriya Tandon, Pournima Prashat, Vrinda Bansal and Ananya Jhanji participated in Model United Nations simulations in Welham Boys and Daly Collecte respectively.


In Academics, Ananya Jhanji, Mansi Rautela, Priyal Gupta, Mudrika Agarwal, Sumita Patni, Dhruvi Jain, Shreya Upadhyay, Ripanjot Kaur and Prisha Bhalla displayed excellence in their domain and their contribution is noteworthy.


The House Captain Mannat Kandhari amply displayed her dedication, loyalty and integrity towards the school and the House and proved to be a worthy House Captain.


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

He who is not courageous enough to take risks,

will accomplish nothing in life.

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit.

Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’

  • Muhammad Ali


As the year draws to a close, I am drawn towards a contemplative mood.  I reflect on triumphs and failures, on the lessons learnt and find myself wiser and stronger to face the next year with fortitude.


The girls, however, need to focus more and improve upon their onstage performances and preserve with sustained effort all round enroute their march towards attaining the large goal of wresting the Cock House shield in the coming year!



Ms. S. Chauhan

House Mistress – Robinson House


House Captain



‘I, Mannat Kaur Kandhari, do hereby solemnly pledge that I will carry out my duties of Robinson House Captain, faithfully, truthfully and to the best of my ability.’


These words were spoken by me on the 7th of May, 2016 when the Investiture Ceremony took place, bestowing significant responsibility on my shoulders and with a great multitude to lead – my very dear Yellows!!


This year, 2016 has been an experience of achievement and carefree laughter paralleled with failure and trying times for all of us, the vibrant Yellows.   It is hard for me to believe that this fruitful year has come to an end, leaving memories with me that could last a lifetime.  We slogged through thick and thin as our House Mistress, Ms. S. Chahuan, stood beside us, both in adoration and consolation. “I thank you miss for always being there for me when I needed advice, encouraging me and keeping your trust in my ability.”


The beginning of the year began on a low note for us with quite a number of Inter – House activities we did not secure a position in.  However, it failed to dampen our spirits because the Girls’ efforts and their performance was laudable.  In the Inter – House English Declamation, we managed to bag the Third Position in the class 7 category.  Though we fell through in the other Inter-House activities in miscellaneous categories, yet individual positions were rewarded to Ananya Jhanhji of class 9 and Saumya Singh of class 12 in the Inter – House English Elocution and Inter-House Quiz Competition, respectively.  A turning point came and finally we achieved the Second position in coming First.  Also, we secured the Third position in the Inter – House Hindi Elocution of the Junior category.


‘Vande Mataram’, Ye Desh Hai Veer Jawano Ka’ – What do they bring to your mind?  Of course Independence Day, in which we stood First in the House Play along with the ‘REDS’, but did not secure a position in House Singing, as the other were better.


Nonetheless, the playground or as we call it, the ‘PG’ proved to be my savior.  The 2nd of June, 2016 was now a date marked, to go down in the history of Robinson House.  After 14 disappointing years, we finally proved our worth and brought to show an exquisite Marching Squad which led us to win the MARCHING SHIELD!


Victories came very rare to us thereafter, with us coming second in Football and Third in Basketball.  Hockey and Volleyball did not favour us at all, yet my girls did strive on.  The Aquatic Meet turned out to be another disheartening event for us but Serena Aulak (class 10), Yasha Bhalla (class 10) and Kanika Padalia (class 7) are worthy of being noted in appreciation as they gave tough competition to their opponents.


Moving on to the Athletic Meet – scoring the Second position was just as difficult but with hard work and never quit – spirit, the Yellows proved themselves to be capable of touching the skies and did much better.  Anukriti Kandpal (class 12), Gaurangi  Chaturvedi (class 12), Simran Gill (class 10) and Sneha Yadav (class 7) gave sterling performances to be noted in acknowledgement.  But the best performance was displayed by Arjdeep Kaur Sandhu (class 9) and Milan Sah (Class 6), both who won Best Athlete in their own divisions, and made us very proud.


Today I stand on the threshold of leaving a school that I have been in for 11 years.  This year has been magic in itself.  The practices of various House activities during Milk-Breaks, the cheering on for my girls to do better, learning the rules of various games I never played, the fun of it all; are going to be thoroughly missed.


Gaurangi Chaturvedi was my constant companion through achievement and failure.  I am extremely grateful to my friends, Integrators, the 11’s.


Above all, I thank you Ma’am.  You put your faith in me and led me to become a leader who had to bring a change in other for better.  Though there were some ups and downs in my time here, I am truly apologetic!  Also, I am indebted to you for encouraging me to build a true personality.


The Last and Best of All, my Yellows…..words are less to describe you!  You proved to be the most supporting House a House Captain could get!  Thank you for making my year so extraordinary and happening.  Remember you are the House that represents the Rays of the Sun, so never lose that spirit of yours and ‘shine bright like a diamond’.


‘Success Is No Accident.  It is Hard Work, Perseverance, Learning, Studying, Sacrifice and most of all, Love for what you do.’



Mannat Kaur Kandhari

House Captain – Robinson House