Milman House – House Report




‘Ever Valiant’ is the motto of Milman House to which every member of the House lives up to.


We did our best in all the activities that were spread over the entire year.


Elocution: Elocution is an essential part of the English Language.  It develops that art of speaking clearly in public.  Children of Milman House were very impressive during the Inter-House Elocution contest.  Shreya Lunial (class 10) and Vrinda Chaturvedi (class 9) earned the First Position for the House.  Vinda was awarded First individual position.  In Hindi Elocution, the House was represented by Ruhani Arora (class 7) and Khushi Chand (class 8), yet again our hard work was rewarded with First position.  Khushi Chand also bagged the First individual position.  Sweta Sarraf too earned a second place for herself and the House in the Class 6 category.


Debate and Declamation: Another important co-curricular activity which gives opportunity to students to form and express their views.  Ananya Garg (class 8) and Mariam Rashid (class 7) fetched Third position for the House in Inter-House declamation contest.  Ananya was declared the Second Best Speaker.


In Hindi debate for class 9 to 10 the House emerged in flying colours and our speaker Pragya Pant secured Second place.


G.K. Quiz: Quizzing continues to be our forte as we stood First in the Inter-House contest.  The team members were as follows:


Havishita Malik

Class 12

Vrinda Agarwal

Class 12

Himani Bisht

Class 9

Jyotsna Singh

Class 9

Vrinda Chaturvedi

Class 9


Havishita Malik earned a First position for herself.  Congratulations!


Dramatics: Milman House teamed up with Robinson House to put a play named ‘Jal hai to Kal hai’ for Independence Day celebrations.  Our play secured First position.  In the patriotic song – Group singing category the House secured Third place.  The House did sing very well and were praised by the judges for their performance.


Milman House seemed to be catching up in Academics all the while.  We had a large number of position holders this year; this gave us an edge over many others.  The amalgamation of good score in all co-curricular activities and Academics made us the deserving Winners of the ‘Cock House’.  Well done! All of my Girls out there, for your outstanding team-work.


Athletic Meet: Milman House won Basketball, Football, Volleyball Championships.  Track and Field events brought mixed results for the House this year.


Aquatic Meet:  A special mention of Saunya Vohra (class 6) needs a Very Special mention for her achievement she was declared the Best Swimmer ‘D’ division.  However, we still needed to perform a formidable task to regain lost glory.


At this point of time I would like to thank my Captain Rimjhim Sharma for carrying out her duty well.  The resonance (Khanak) of your voice will always ring my ears.


May God bless and keep you all as you are ready to spread your wings and flutter away to new Horizons.


‘Leave a trail

As you go along

Make a bit of sunshine

As you pass.


Try to leave upon the air

The echo of your song.





Mrs. S. Solomon

House Mistress



House Captain 


Recapitulating the years that have gone by – I entered the gates of All’C as a little girt; shy, nervous and anxious.  But now it seems like I’ve been here forever.


As my feet make their way through the corridors for the last time, I make a small wish, that those days gone by could come back.  I would like to thank Mrs. Solomon whose efforts have out-shone in all the activities that we participated in.  She helped us to be the stars, which shone every time we took a step forward.  She’s been a wonderful guide and a pillar of support that has extended her hand through thick and thin.  She taught us to recognize our intrinsic potential and I’m highly indebted to her.  The year 2016 brought aspirations and anticipation with it.  We secured a coveted position in all the co-curricular activities.  First event being English Declamation for classes 6, 7 and 8 where we bagged the Third position.  It was followed by English Elocution for 9 and 10, where we stood First and Vrinda Chaturvedi (class 9) got a special mention.  My budding quizzers who got us another Firs helped us to be the stars of the show.  Khushi Chand (class 8 and) Sweksha Saraf (class 6) again made it to the top in the Hindi Elocution for 6, 7 and 8.  Pragya Pant’s (class 10) terrific debate in Hindi got us another First; thus giving a bang on end to all the co-curricular activities.  Havishita Malik (class 12), Vrinda Agarwall (class 2), Sanyukta Agarwal (class 11), Nandini Budhiraja (class 11), Sahaj Bajaj (class 10) and Ananya Garg (class 7) are few of the many who made us proud on the academic front.  Securing the First position just didn’t make me happy but was another feeling all together.


Reds practiced day in and day out to achieve perfection and precision, though we failed to make the respective sheild’s ours, it did not discourage us, rather it made us more determined to gun for victory, believing in our motto “EVER VALIANT’, WE WENT AHEAD.


We won all the Sports-Football, Basketball, Volleyball Though in Hockey we stood Third, nobody could deny that we were the ‘CHAMPIONS’ who tried hard.  Shot-put, Long Jump, and Discus throw, Reds stood either First or Second, Kritika Tiwari (class 12) got us the Third position in Chess. Ajeeta Chaudhary (class 11), Ishita Singh (class 12), Prishita Bhardwaj (class 11), Suzanna Lal (class 10), Akriti Fartiyal (class 10), Navroop Kaur (class 10) and Prajveen Kaur (class 9) were not the only players but were “THE” players who made me a proud Captian, Kudos! To all sportswomen in my House, Saunya Vohra (class 6) being the Best Swimmer in her division was spectacular.  We stood Third in the House singing event and First in the play where we worked in collaboration with the Yellow House.  Believe me, we have some great dramatists!  After being the champs on the field, we didn’t win the shields.


As I always said, it’s just not me who makes the House, it’s “US” who makes the impossible happen.  This journey has rather been a roller – coaster ride for me, from triumphs to trials, but none of us flinched, 4th May 2016, the day I took my pledge, I knew that I was hopping on to a train which took me to heights.  A journey which’ll never be forgotten.


Uphill struggle of all of us is truly commendable and praise worthy.  I’m grateful for your co-operation and understanding.  You will make me “PROUD”.  Milman House is a chapter in the book of my life, which is going to be remembered for years to come.  Reds, you have an immense potential but do not wait for others to plod, you can, instead, discover it yourself.  Be ‘EVER VALIANT’ Your team spirit and never say die spirit is laudable.  It’s been my honor to lead such a dynamic House.


All the best for your future endeavours.  May you dazze in whatever expedition you may undertake.  Now, that the year has come to an end, I step down from my duties of being the Milman House Captain, but in my heart the fire will keep burning through eternity.


Rimjhim Sharma

House Captain – Milman House