General Rules & Regulations 



1. A letter addressed to a student in the Senior School (Classes VI to XII) should contain the under mentioned details:

(a) Name of the Student

(b) Class

(c) Name of the House

(d)  All Saints’ College, Tallital, Nainital – 263 002, Uttarakhand


2. A letter addressed to a student in the Junior School (Classes I to V) should contain the under mentioned details:

(a)  Name of the Student

(b) Class

(c) Name of the House

(d)  All Saints’ College, Tallital, Nainital – 263 002, Uttarakhand


3. All correspondence with the Principal regarding a student should state the Class, Code No. and the House of the student if she is in the Senior School, and the Class and Code No. of the student if she is in the Junior School.  This will enable the Principal to obtain the necessary information at the earliest and give a prompt reply.


4. No verbal assurance of any nature, alleged to be given by any member of the staff, or the Junior School Co-ordinators will be accepted as binding on the College.  Similarly, parents must always write to the Principal on any point they wish to raise or make.  No correspondence should be carried out by any parent with any teacher, House Mistress or Junior School Co-ordinators in regard to their wards in this College.


5. The Principal is the ‘local guardian’ of all boarder students and the College recognizes no other unless the parent or legal guardian is for the time being residing locally.


6. The College shall recognize only the particular person (father, mother or legal guardian of the student) who gets the student admitted in the College and submits the duly completed Admission Application Form, as the only person authorized to give instructions of any sort whatsoever regarding the student.  The College shall not entertain any instructions or correspondence regarding a student from any person other than the one who gets the student admitted in the College, even through such other person may be father, mother or any other relative of the student.


7. On admission of a student in the College a Code Number is allotted to her which continues up to the time she leaves the College.  In all correspondence with the College concerning any matter regarding the student the Code Number so allotted to her must be mentioned.  Otherwise it will not be possible to attend to the matter expeditiously.  This is also necessary in order to avoid any confusion between students of identical names in the College.




1.  Students are permitted to go out on specified holidays only with those persons whose names are given in the Questionnaire, duly attested by the parents.


2.  Leave to a boarder student may not be granted, subject to her work and conduct being unsatisfactory, and no parent can demand that the child should be granted leave, if for some reason this has been denied to her by the College Authorities. 


3.  Parents are requested to take a special note of the College rules in respect of leave during the mid-term breaks and other holidays.


4.  Subject to paras 1 and 2 above, a student will be granted leave in accordance with the dates specified in the holiday fixture sent to the parents at the beginning of each term.


5.  If a boarder student fails to report back to the College by the specified time, she may have to forfeit the next leave due to her, and if this should fail to ensure her reporting punctually in the future, she will be required to be withdrawn.  Parents are requested to ensure that their children return to the College in the specified time after the mid-term, winter holidays or any other holiday / holidays.


6.  Students admitted in March will not be permitted leave till the second Saturday of April and parents are advised, in the interest of their children, not to visit them till this period is over in order to enable their children to adjust to their new environment.


7.  Going out for overnight stay:  Permission will be granted only to the parents and very close relatives authorized by the parents to do so.


8.  Anyone below the age of 25 years will not be granted permission to take  a student out of the College.


9.  In their own interest parents are required to collect their children on holidays themselves.  For the safety of your child, we will not permit her to go out with her young brother and sisters studying in other schools in Nainital.  They may only visit your child on the College Campus on Sundays during the specified time.


10.  Frequent visits by parents are unsettling for children and parents are requested to co-operate in following the above rules.


11.  Authority Letters:  In case you are prevented from taking your child home or bringing her back yourself a proper Authority letter should be given to the person taking her out or bringing her back, whose photograph and signature both has to be duly attested by you.  Kindly note that you are allowing the person to take your child or bring her back with an authority letter at your own risk.  The College cannot accept any responsibility.  Unattested authority letters will not be accepted.  Only the parents authority letter will be accepted.


12.  For check in / check-out no telephonic request or an application through fax will be fax will be entertained.


Telephone Calls / Mobile Phones / Video Pods


While telephone messages will be received or sent by the College, no student will be called to Telephone, except on the childs birthday.  Mobile Phones and Video I Pods are strictly prohibited.


Food Parcels


The College does not allow food or fruit parcels being sent to students, by post, courier or persons.  No tuck should be given to the students.


Possession of Expensive Articles


Parents are advised not to send their Children to the College with expensive watches, cameras, tape-recorders, jewellery or any other expensive articles.  The College will not be responsible for any loss incurred by a student.


Pocket Money


1.  Every boarder student is given a specified amount of pocket money depending on the class in which she is studying.  The amount is considered sufficient for pocket expenses and parents are advised against giving any extra money to their children during their visits.  Parents are requested to respect this rule of the College, which is made with the intention of preventing the students from developing undesirable habits and also with a view to minimizing differences between children based purely on the financial standing of their parents.


2.  No money order can be sent direly to a student.


Other Points


1.  Day-scholars are not permitted to leave the College premises during class hours or at lunch-time without the written permission of the Principal.  Leave application must be submitted whenever a child is absent from the College.


2.  Day-Scholars who are persistently unpunctual and irregular in attendance will be first warned and next suspended.  Finally, if no improvement follows, their parents will be directed to withdraw them from the College.


3.  Repeated acts of misconduct or dishonesty by a student, and failure to respond to the disciplinary measures taken by the College authorities, will lead to the expulsion of the student concerned or her withdrawal being requested by the Principal.


4.  Correspondence with the parents will be sent to the address given to the College in the Admission Form.  Parents must notify the College of any subsequent change of address.


5.  The Principal may, at any time, without assigning any reason, require a parent or guardian to withdraw her child from the College if she considers it is in the interest of the College.


6.  The College cannot accept the responsibility in case of an accident.  This applies to all accidents, which may occur in the Science Laboratories or on the games field or on journeys to and from the College. 


7.  The age of a student accepted by the College will be stated in the student’s Transfer Certificate.  The Principal may, if she considers it necessary, insist on seeing the birth registration certificate in original.


8.  No travel arrangements will be made by the College.


Private Account (Individual Expenses)


1.  At the opening of the term all parents / guardians must ensure that the required amount has been deposited in the Private Account of their daughter / ward as fixed by the College from time to time to avoid inconvenience at the time of checking in.  This money is to cover the individual expenses of students on such items such as pocket-money, books, stationery, needle work, handwork material, dry-cleaning, repair of shoes, postage, cost of short excursions or organized entertainment such as films, etc.


2.  The Private Account of a student may not be sufficient to cover expenses that may be incurred on account of:

     (a)  Replacement of uniforms / clothing

     (b)  Cost of medical treatment

     (c)  Extra pocket money.


However, any sum due on account of any of the above items will be debited, in the first instance, to the Private Account of the student, but the amount must be reimbursed by Bank Draft within 21 days of a demand by the College.  Credit facilities will not be provided to any student should her Private Account be in debit.


3.  The College will send a statement of the Private Account of the student in the month of November and the credit balance if any, will be carried forward.


4.  Please note that you will be required to deposit the required amount in the PRIVATE ACCOUNT (Kindly refer Fee Structure) of your child and this should be sent with the annual fees, before 1st March by BANK DRAFT DIRECTLY TO ALLAHABAD BANK, NAINITAL


Mode of Payment



Please study the Mode of Payment of fees carefully and pay accordingly to avoid penalty.

All payments must be made by Bank Draft or Bank Pay Order drawn on the Allahabad Bank or any other scheduled bank in Nainital and must be paid directly to the Allahabad Bank, Nainital.


1.  Payment of fees should be made annually before the 31st of January each year or in two installments by the following dates:

    (a)  1st installment due before 31st January

    (b)  2nd installment due before 1st June.

In case the 1st installment is not paid as above, admission will be refused and it will not be to keep a place for her for the ensuing year.


2.  Please provide original proof of payment in case of NEFT / RTGS payment.


3.  Parents residing abroad must pay the entire amount of the bill in advance before the 31st January.


4.  One bill in respect of the above fees will be sent out annually in the month of December and should be paid annually before 31st of January or in two installments by the dates specified above.  In the event of fees not being received by the due date of the installment, a fine of 5% will be charged.  If the installment of the College fees including penalty due, if any, is not paid by the due date the name of the student will be struck off from the College Rolls, and readmission may be granted by the Principal in her discretion on payment of all arrears plus fresh admission fees.


5.  While making payments, parents must indicate precisely the amount being sent towards the Private Account, and the amount being paid towards the College fees of the student.  The Private Account of the Student is kept separately from the College Account and under no circumstances can the money sent for the fees be advanced to a student for her individual or personal expenses.


6.  Parents must mention the Code Number of the student while paying.


7.  No member of the staff is authorized to collect fees from the parents.




There will be a separate clothing list for the students with detailed instructions.  Each student must come to the College provided with all the listed articles.  Clearly printed name-tags with Roll number should be stitched firmly on to each article.  If any student returns without a full outfit as listed, an order with payment will have to be placed with the College Suppliers, receipt for which should then be shown to the matron.


New Students 


There are separate clothing lists (Category ‘A’ and Category ‘B’) for the Junior School and Senior School students with detailed instructions.


CATEGORY ‘A‘ items are to be purchased by the parents from the College Suppliers.  A draft made in favour of the firm as advance may please be sent to the firm along with the measurement form while placing the order for your daughter.  The firm will send you a final bill for payment after the supply of all the items of Category ‘A’.  A separate clothing list has been provided.


CATEGORY ‘B’ items are to be provided by the parents.


Important Instructions


1.  Address for correspondence must be written clearly.  Any change in this must be intimated to the Principal.  All information regarding the Entrance Test will be sent to the latest address registered with us.


2.  Please do not leave any column blank.  Do not overwrite while filling the form.


3.  Eligibility:  At the time of taking the Entrance Test for a particular Class, the girl must be studying in:

     (i)  One class lower.  

     (ii)  She must strictly meet the age requirements.


4.  Permission to appear in our Entrance Test may be withheld if the girl is not eligible as per item 3.


5.  The College reserves the right to refuse permission to take the Entrance Test without giving any reason thereof.


6.  The registration fee is not refundable or transferable in any case. 


7.  The acceptance of the registration form and fee is no guarantee that the girl will be admitted and it does not involve the College in any obligation to admit the girl.


8.  An attested photocopy of the municipal birth certificate, a latest report card and one photograph of the application has to be enclosed with the form. 


Withdrawal Procedure


1.  Should a parent, of his / her own accord decide against sending his / her daughter to the College, after he / she has deposited the admission fee and registration fee with the College, he / she will not be entitled to a refund of either the admission fee or the registration fee deposited and would be liable to pay one month’s boarding fee and three month’s tuition fees in lieu of notice.


2.  The registration fee and the admission fee is non-refundable and non-adjustable under any circumstances.  However, the security deposit becomes due for refund to a parent when a girl finally leaves the College or is withdrawn from the College after the specified notice has been given in this respect, provided that a girl has spent at least one term in the College.


3.  Should a parent wish to withdraw his / her daughter at any time he / she must inform the Principal in writing giving clear three months’ notice of his / her intention to do so.  If the specified notice is not given, the parent is bound by the rules of the College to pay one months’ boarding fee and three months’ tuition fees.


4.  Should a parent at any time and for any reason decide to take his / he daughter home for any period during the academic year, he / she will not be entitled to refund of either the tuition fee or the boarding fee for the period.


5.  Disciplinary action will be taken against any student who is found to have used unfair means in the periodic tests or examinations and should the student concerned continue to repeat the offence, she will be required to be withdrawn.


6.  If a child is not returning to the College the ensuing year, notice of withdrawal must be given by 15th December.  The penalty for failure to give such notice will be payment of three months’ tuition fee and one months’ boarding fee.


7. The Transfer Certificate will be issued to a student only after the parents have paid all sums due to the College.