Dorothy King House – House Report




“Success means doing the best we can with what we have.  Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph.  Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be.”


I believe that there are immeasurable sources of knowledge.  It takes a keen and an alert mind to grasp and hold on to wisdom obtained from around, utilize learning at the right moment and in the right way.  This year being an eventful one, with its ups and downs, travails and triumphs, was a good learning experience for the Greens.  Learning to be victorious is as good as gold, but facing defeat and being positive about it, is a lesson worth adapting to, to building a stronger character.


The first co-curricular competitive event held in school was the Inter-House English Declamation of the Middle School.  Sufia Adil and Mannat Gill convinced the judges by expressing their views in the most persuasive manner and winning.  The efforts put in by Jaitri Chattopadhyay were well appreciated.  Arushee Gupta (class 9) and Shubhi Phartiyal (class 10) participated in the English Elocution,  Megha Singh (class 8), Vandhana Gupta (class 7) and Sufia Adil (class 6) participated in the Middle school Hindi Elocution.  Kriti Pant (class 11) and Ishita Sharma (class 9) represented the house for Hindi Debate.  All the participants worked enthusiastically and fervently for the competition doing commendably well, making us all proud of the effort.  A pleasant surprise of the year was the performance by the Quiz Team – Haleema Khan (class 12), Tanu Yaduvanshi (class 12), Pragya Dangwal (class 11), Khyati Singh (class 10) and Shubhi Phartiyal.  Keep up the good work!


Another successful event of the year was the Independence Day Singing Competition.  Though the House was placed Second, yet the emotions evoked by the performance of the House left a patriotic impact on the judges and the audience.  Pranjali Rawat (class 12) and Sanchi Juneja (class 12) won the Best Actor awards for the Drama competition.  The overall performance of the song and the drama were satisfying and rewarding.


The House put in a fervent effort for the Aquatic Meet achieving the Second position.  Haleema Khan (class 12), Aanchal Bajaj (class 11), Anushka Goswami (class 11), Aprajita Bajaj (class 8) used their talent, determination and hard work to the fullest.  Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.


Sports and Athletics is an area of great concern for the House.  I believe that sports are a skill which can be perfected with practice.  Girls must introspect their short comings and weaknesses in this field.  Learning from success is important but learning from failure is vital.  We must strive to do better in this field, promise to bounce back, work harder that before and surpass the boundaries of our limitations.


Haleema Khan proved to be a promising leader for the House, and has set a good example for the batches to follow.  I congratulate her on her achievement and wish her success in life.  I also wish the students of ICSE and ISC All The Best for their exams and future endeavours.


Dorothy King House has always displayed a sense of willingness and determination to grow in all spheres.  It is this spirit of enthusiasm that has helped in building character to face each challenge courageously.


So gauge your ability, learn from your mistakes, strengthen your courage and renew your spirits; Persevere to find your desired horizon and surely you will Soar to success.

Mrs. A. Richards

House Mistress

Dorothy King House




House Captain 


As flashback unravels the year as I pend down my report for the year, 2016.  It was a challenge for me as I stood on the stage and the Greens looked upto me with anxious eyes and an array of hope.  What struck me then was that this my corner and I can do better here.  The academic year began with the ENGLISH DECLAMATION.  I knew that the stage is where the Greens can show their true spirit.  Proving them right, the House strove to achieve its goal and practiced toward the motto “SOAR TO SUCCESS”.  Mannat Gill (class 7) stood first as she expressed her views on how fireworks are a bane to the environment and the House secured the First position.


In co-curricular activities in the Quiz competition held, where, the Greens bagged the Second position.  I had always thought, Quiz was not our sphere of excellence but I’m glad to have been proved wrong as our budding Quizzers worked diligently to win the challenge.


The House secured the Third position in the English Elocution. Sufia Adil (class 6) stood First in the Hindi Elocution in her section and in the Middle Section (class 6 and 8) the House stood Second.


Our performance was not satisfactory in the Hindi Debate.  But, I believe that there is room for improvement and in the years to come, the girls will not let the banner of the House fly low.


August brought us joy as the House with its beautiful vocals secured the Second position in the House singing competition.  It brought immense pleasure to me as the House was specially acknowledged by our esteemed guest, Dr. Ajay Rawat.  Greens, it was a lot more than just a compliment for us!


I am thankful to my House Mistress, Ms. A. Richards, for all her innovative ideas and the extra amount of hard-work our teacher had to put in to support me.


A street play was also showcased by the girls in collaboration with Bradbury House, throwing light on the various aspects of Social media.


Pranjali Rawat and Sanchi Juneja (class 12) added another feather to the cap of House by standing First and Third respectively, for their acting skill.  In the area of sports, the House performed fairly well but I believe we could have done better.  We failed to win the Marching Shield but Girls, without perseverance there can be no progress.  I am glad that this gave us the opportunity to instill a stronger House spirit in our hearts.  We secured the Third position in Volley Ball, second in Hockey and Third in Football.  Basketball was a disappointment but a huge applause for Mourishi Singh and Khushi Rastogi (class 10) for helping the team to excel.


Amisha Vatsa (class 9) helped the House to secure Second position in Chess.


The Aquatic Meet was quite a success as the girls performed exceptionally well in the pool.  Aprajita Bajaj (class 8) was awarded with the ‘Dua Special’ and the Second position of the House we completely owe to her.


Athletic Meet was quite a success as the girls performed exceptionally well in the pool.  Aprajita Bajaj (8) was awarded with the ‘Dua Special’ and the Second position of the House we completely owe to her.


Athletic Meet brought displeasure to the House where we stood Fourth.  However, the girls performed well in major field events.


Dorjee L Sermupa (class 11) and Maurishi Singh (class 10) stood Second and Third in Shot put in the ‘A’ and ‘B’ division, respectively.  Khushi Rastogi did the House proud by standing First in Discuss Throw and Third in Long Jump in ‘B’ division.


I am highly indebted to Ms. A. Richards for being a perfect guide for me and a source of strength for the Girls.  “Without you Miss, the girls wouldn’t have been able to face the hurdles they had afore them.”  Greens, never forget that the true roots of achievement will always be in the will to become the Best.


As I have learnt, it’s not about the Captain, it never is for, Captains come and go, but it is you who make a team, who make a House, and if you’re together, I assume that you will take the House to new heights.


Remember that courage will not always roar, however, it depends on you to amplify that meek voice and try again with all your might.

Like a phoenix rise from the ashes and ‘SOAR TO SUCCESS’.


Haleema Khan

House Captain – Dorothy King House